I can offer a wide range of inspection and evaluation services including:

Onsite Inspection

I will travel to any location South of Birmingham (or further on request) to inspect a damaged vehicle

Desktop Inspection

Clients can send photographs to me via email to assess and provide a full report and estimate

Damage Consistency

Expert inspection of both vehicles involved in the colision to determine if damage is consistent with the claim

Vehicle Diminution

Inspection of vehicle and report on value diminished based on the damage sustained

Estimate Evaluation

Expert evaluation of workshop estimates for repair to ensure prices quoted are fair and reasonable and services quoted are required

Expert Witness

Provide evidence to the court based on analysis of vehicles involved, photographs and examination of the collision scene, depending on requirement of the case.

Forensic Inspection

Analysis of damaged vehicles in deeper detail which may include measurements of paint depth and heights of damage.

Paint Contamination

Analysis of damage to the paintwork to ascertain how it was damaged or contaminated with a report on the likely costs and suggested method of repair.

Post Repair Inspection

Inspection of a vehicle after repair to ensure the repairs are of a good commericial quality and authorised method of repair has been adhered to.

If you would like to book me to complete an inspection or to discuss any of my other related services please click here to contact me